Volunteer Info

Thank you for joining our wonderful group of volunteers. Camp happens because of you! See training dates below. Training is important for the safety of everyone at camp and supports your skills so you are confident in your role.

New volunteers are expected to attend two evening trainings, in addition to the on-site training.

Returning volunteers are expected to attend one evening training in addition to the on-site training.

Evening trainings will be virtual. Dates to be determined.

On-site training: Saturday, June 11, 2022, 9:00 am at Carkeek Park
(All PA’s and PAT’s are asked to attend also.)

All volunteers need to have a current Background Check on file. GSWW will automatically check for this on all volunteers. If need you will receive an email to update your background check.

GSWW Volunteer Policies

Engaging Girls and Engaging Families

Covid-19 Volunteer Guidance

CRUCIAL: Volunteer Needs Now: Camp only happens because of our wonderful volunteers! We need to fill the following positions as soon as possible.  Contact Carolyn at cafostgs@outlook.com for questions or to volunteer.

  • FOUND!
    Volunteer coordinator – You will have assistance and great support from the leadership team.
  • FOUND!
    Head First-Aider – We need someone soon to start prepping for camp.