Girl Scouts of Western Washington

Woodland Park Day Camp

@ Woodland Park
July 10, 2023 – July 14, 2023

Volunteer registration open through Tuesday February 14th 2023 at 9pm. General registration opens Friday February 17th at 7am

We are planning a full 5-day camp this summer,
9:30 am – 3:30 pm,
Monday through Friday, July 10 – July 14, 2023

Theme:  Our theme is BORN to be WILD


Please check back for details at www.woodlandparkdaycamp.com .
Camp site:   We are back at Woodland Park this year,
Size of camp:  We are planning on having two units each of approx. 12 girl scouts entering 1st to 6th grade in fall 2023 , and one unit for boys entering grade 1-6 in fall 2023.  We are planning to begin returning to pre-COVID numbers, for campers, PA’s, PAT’s, boys, tag-alongs, and volunteers.

CRUCIAL: Volunteer Needs: Camp only happens because of our wonderful volunteers! We need to fill the following positions as soon as possible.  Contact Vonita at volunteerswpdc@gmail.com for questions or to volunteer.

  • More details to come

PAT’s: PAT stands for Program Aide in Training and only includes those girls who will be entering 7th or 8th grade in fall 2023 and have not had PA training.  These girls attend special sessions prior to camp that provide leadership training and the credentials to be able to attend camp as a PAT.  Information on training for this group will be available soon.  If you have questions contact Cindy Nevins at cindynevins@gmail.com.
PA’S: PA stands for Program Aide.  These girls will be entering grade 8-12 in fall 2023.  They have already completed their PAT training and, during camp, practice their leadership skills with the younger girls.
Preschooler Tagalongs: We are hoping to be able to accommodate day care for preschoolers this year, only on the days parent/guardian is volunteering at camp.
Boy(son of volunteer) Tagalongs: We can accommodate one unit for volunteers with a male child(ren), when the volunteer is working onsite.  This is for the boys entering grade 1-6 in fall 2023.  Boy unit activities maybe on-site this year or may include outings. Boys must pre-register and can be at camp on the days their parent/guardian is volunteering at camp.
What Grade is my child in?:  For purposes of summer camp, we use the grade that your child will be in when they start school in fall, 2023.  Please register your child so they are placed in the correct unit.
COVID requirements:  We will base our vaccination and safety requirements on Girl Scouts of Western Washington (GSWW) guidelines that are in place for our dates of camp.
Registration Rates:   Camper – $175;   PAT – $150;   PA – $75;

Discounted rates for volunteers who are on site 4-5 days of the week are:
$25 per camper, PA or Boy/son/tagalong   and   $50 for PAT’s

Early Registration:  Early registration is available to families who have a parent or guardian registering to volunteer for at least two full days at camp.

Refunds: Refunds are available up to May 15, 2023, less a $20 handling fee. After May 15, 2023, refunds are not available.


Camp leadership Team:

Alison Bazeley (Pink)
               Camp Director –wpdcdirector@gmail.com – contact for general questions.
Cindy Nevins (Thumper)
               PA Advisor – cindynevins@gmail.com – contact for PA/PAT questions.
Kara Golgert (Kazoo)
               PAT Advisor – karagolgert@icloud.com
Margot Winter (Marshmallow)
               Program Director
Sarah Fletcher (Latte)
               Camp COVID Supervisor
Lisa Smith (Cookie)
               Leadership Planning Team Member

Carolyn Foster (Checkers)
               Business Manager, Registrar – cafostgs@outlook.com

Vonita Francisco (Ms Frizzle)
               Registrar, Volunteer Placement – volunteerswpdc@gmail.com